The MTE dV/dt Series A Filter is a passive fourth order device that reduces transmission line effects of motor cables by dampening the rate of voltage increase and minimizes the peak voltage that occurs at the motor terminals.

Performance Features & Benefits

Cooler running motor extends motor life
Reduced motor temperature & audible noise (typically 20–40oC cooler).

Protects the motor and cable from high frequency components of PWM
Maximum peak motor terminal voltage with 1,000 feet cable or less is guaranteed not to exceed 150% of bus voltage.

Wide range of applications
For PMW inverters with switching frequencies between 900 Hz and 8 kHz, available in voltage ranges of 380VAC to 600VAC and motor sizes from 0.5 HP to 600 HP.

Protect motors from long lead effects
Reduce the destructive effects of peak voltages facilitated by long cable runs between the inverter and motor.