Matrix AP – Seismic Certification

Matrix® AP Harmonic Filters are now seismic certified. Seismic-compliant Matrix® AP Harmonic Filters are built to withstand physical shocks from a catastrophic event and provide full proven performance once the event is over. Critical needs facilities such as hospitals, police and fire stations, emergency shelters and operations centers play a vital role in providing services… Read more »

Matrix AP – Reducing Harmonics on Large Power Supply Systems

Matrix® AP Harmonic Filters are used to reduce harmonics on high power induction heaters. An OEM that manufactures large power supplies (over 3 Megawatts) has harmonic issues that are created by the system. These power supplies have a Silicon-Controlled Rectifier (SCR) bridge to generate and regulate power for heat treating and hardening. These large rectifiers… Read more »

Matrix AP – Achieve Superior Product Performance and Reliability!

For an oil producer, Matrix® AP Harmonic Filters with 6-pulse drives proved to be a higher performance, lower cost harmonic mitigation solution when compared to multi-pulse drives. Progressive Cavity Pumps (PCPs) on artificial lift systems are often driven by Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs). These drives help the motors run more efficiently but also introduce harmonic… Read more »

Matrix AP – Better Harmonic Performance at Light Loads Results in Less Overall Distortion on the Power Grid

Matrix® AP Harmonic Filters provided the optimum solution for reciprocating pump operators in the Bakken oil fields. Oil reciprocating pumps rely on a large counterweight to offset the weight of the pump rod which can be several hundred feet long. This produces a motor and drive load profile that is cyclical with a frequency from… Read more »

Matrix AP – Smart Solutions for Reduced Utility Costs

Reduce harmonic distortion and significantly reduce utility bills! Traditionally used to improve power quality, equipment life, and reduce heat loss, harmonic filters can also reduce utility costs. As energy demands increase, utility companies are turning to smart meters as a means to measure the total amount of power consumed. Smart meters, built with new electrical… Read more »