RLW World Reactors

Enhanced Design Reactors for Line and Load

Product Overview

MTE's RLW World Reactor (RLW) is an international product that supports global IEC and NEC Drive /motor applications and provides a low cost alternative to MTE's present line of "RL" line/ load reactors. Like our RL Reactors, RLW Reactors keep equipment running longer by absorbing the power line disturbances. They are a state-of-the-art filtering solution for virtually any 4 or 6 pulse rectifier or power conversion unit.

How it Works

Voltage spikes on the AC power lines cause rapid elevation of the DC Bus voltage which may cause the inverter to "trip-off" and indicate an over-voltage protection condition. Reactors are used to absorb these line spikes and offer protection to the rectifiers and DC Bus capacitors while minimizing nuisance tripping of the inverter. A 3% impedance reactor is 90% effective at protecting against transients or nuisance tripping of AC voltage source inverters, due to voltage spikes. The 5% RL reactor extends spike protection to 99%.